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24v C2NER Version 2

V2 touchscreen is the perfect solution for your tuning needs with a sleek interface.
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No Lift Shift

Stock ECU?

Manufacturer: c2Motorsports

We are excited to present our latest update, the C2NER v2 touchscreen! Originally released in Golf R application only, we have now expanded our handheld programmer to include the most popular VAG engines including 24v 2.8L

Now supporting the most popular Bosch ECUs: ME7.1.1, ME7.5.5, ME9.1, MED9.5.10, TFSI, ME9.5 FSI, MED9.1, MED9.1.5 TFSI, MED9.5 FSI and Diesel EDC 15/16.

One of the exciting new features of our C2NER packages is that it now includes the option for 2 FREE revisions instead of a 2nd file. Consider these “tweaks” to really dial in your tune remotely!!!



Improvements include:

-Better throttle response

-Better mid-range power

-Improved overall drive ability

-Increased rev limiter to 7200rpm

-Deleted speed governor

-Secured off-idle control

-Optimum A/F ratios


Race Version

This performance FLASH allows for the use of Hi Flow CAT, and Cold Air Intake. 


Street Version

This a performance FLASH that retains 100% of your cars emissions equipment. You must not alter the factory emissions in order to use this software or you will get a Check Engine Light (CEL). This version is Hi Flow CAT compatible.



*If ordering a C2NER device with your software, your ECU MUST be stock.

If you you currently have other performance software on your ECU, we can flash it back to stock but you must send it in.*



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