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With your kits, what is the reliability, longevity, etc?

I get asked this a lot. How long will my car last with your kit?! How will my MPGs look?! Is it reliable?!


These are hard questions to answer for many reasons. Usually my response is questions to you...


1. What is the current condition of your car?

2. How many miles on the motor?

3. Are there any issues with the car currently?

4. Are you installing the kit yourself or having it professionally done?

5. Do you fully 100% understand what you are doing or is this your first kit you are installing?

6. How do you plan on driving the car after it is twice as fast as to what you are used to? Lead foot?


There are tons more I can ask. There are a few things you need to remember when adding a turbo charger to your car.


1. You are forcing an insane amount of air into your motor that was never intended, so the reliability factor will decrease no matter what. There are plenty of upgrades you can buy to make sure your motor will last as long as it should and be reliable. This option though cost extra. A lot extra. I would recommend it but I understand that people don't have an extra $2k laying around for internals. Don't be surprised if you surpass your budget while building a turbo kit though, it is easier to do than you think.

2. You are forcing more fuel into the system as well. So this should be pretty obvious. You will not get the same gas mileage as stock for that reason. Also, if you have lead foot don't expect better gas mileage either...

3. If your car is getting 100hp and you go to 300hp+, expect to change out some general maitnance parts. The car is 3 times faster and the other parts were not made for that. They will break. Consider this a factor in your budget as well. Ex: bigger brakes, stronger motor mounts, stronger front end, etc.

4. If you are having issues with your car running BEFORE you go FI, don't install the kit expecting it to fix itself. Address any other issues and make sure your car is 100% before diving into it.

*5. Make sure you have the right stuff for your kit!!!! If you get stage 2 software for 440cc injectors, use 440cc injectors. Many times I get phone calls with someone immediately blaming our software for their problems. Soon to find out, they aren't running the right injectors, or their MAF is bad, or they had a bad vacuum leak. The list can go on and on. Running detailed logs and doing certain tests will answer your questions immediately. We suggest just going to a mechanic and paying to have it diagnosed. I understand it is hard to pay $60+ an hour for them to do so, but that is way better than paying hundreds and not finding out the problem. Just my opinion.


Aside from all of that. The ktis we sell get GREAT reveiws on reliability. We have had customers with turbo kits that are pushing 60,000+ miles with it and no hiccups relative to the turbo kit.

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