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One Lap America 2014

After months of tuning, this car is finally out of our hands and ready to race! It was challenging but fun to say the least. Take a look at the parts involved followed by pictures!



-maktrak full sequential 6speed trans custom built for us in th uk with staright gears but 6th for street driving(haha yes they will be "street legal")
-custom flywhell and twin dics 800hp clutch from clutch master with a tilton slave
-DDS rallye axles
-custom motor and trand brackets to move the motot and bolt in the trans
-BFI motor mounts to bolt to custom brackets
-tubular manifold with a new GTX3071R turbo with tial vabnd housing and 38mm MVR water cooled Vband WG
-3'' custom exhaust
-wiggins clamps everywhere....
-full built TSI 2.0L motors with dry sump oil system and CNC port heads with ferra valve train by INA
-RS4 throttle body with custom adapter to fit wiggins clamps
-no AC, 3x27x12 fmic, 3'' aluminum rad
-no rubber bushings, full car is aluminum bearing bushings
-custom aluminum cnc control arms for the front for adjustment, rears are modified for a custom ball mount adjuster and can be height adjusted while car is on the ground
-camber plates
-ANEZ 3 way adjustable coilovers with remote res with penseke guts
-C2 custom tune with larger maf and injectors around 500whp
-thunder bunny front end, with custom carbon fiber brake ducts
-custom carbon fiber race wide body flares
-custom sunroof blanks in carbon fiber to get the 68lbs worth of junk off the roof
-carbon fiber hoods
-sparco steering wheels
-custom made to our spec rotiform race wheels. monoblock forged CNC DUS with pocketing 18x9.5 et 31. weigh under 20lbs each
-carbon fiber GT3 cup wings
- aluminacord front splitter
-sway bars from AWEtuning with adjustable link
-velvo halo race seats and cam lock belts
-brembo 355mm BBK for the front, rears are upgraded to R32 with slotted rotors and SS line all around, carbotech pads
-totally gutted but the dash
-under body pan
-braile batteries in the back

NLS final 03 WM

NLS final 01


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